Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gas prices and libraries

Someone I was with today said that there seemed to be more cars abandoned on the side of the road; she speculated that it was because the cars had run out of gas! With $3.00 per gallon fuel, it could be that fewer people are filling up at the gas station and more are just putting in what they think it will take to get to their destination and back.

Will skyrocketing fuel prices affect libraries? Probably. It could be that more people will be frequenting the public library because money once used for a bookstore purchase is now used for gas. Or perhaps we will have fewer visits from patrons who live very far from the library and need to save car trips. And it could be that folks who used to take a family vacation in another state will now ask library staff for information about what sights they can see in Kansas.

In any case, our libraries will be there for Kansans whether the price of gas rises or falls. And to quote Martha Stewart, that is a good thing.

p.s. A website to recommend to patrons wanting to find the cheapest gas in their area is The site says it is updated daily.

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Max said...

Also I think if you go to Gas Buddy in yahoo it will show you the cheapest gas for your zip code!