Tuesday, February 20, 2007

One-question survey?

In the latest version of NextSpace (from OCLC), there is an article about Fred Reichheld's book, The Ultimate Question. Reichheld says that the most important question you can ask in a survey, and the one that gives the most information, is "would you recommend us to a friend?" The answer gives a insight into the quality of service and the perceived value of the organization.
Again we return to the importance of a customer-focused library; that's what L2 is all about, and that is what the "ultimate question" is all about.

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Amy Madsen said...

Hello Christie.

Thank you for your post and the link to the article. If you or your readers are interested in additional resources, Fred Reichheld has a blog. A new one is expected any day. Here is the link:


There is also a blog from the exciting Net Promoter Conference that took place. Here is a link:


As it's a lot of material (26 posts), there is a synopsis by Scott Smith:


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