Sunday, May 21, 2006

Libraries and MySpace II

Browsing through the sites of the Kansas libraries that are on MySpace, I stopped in my tracks at a message sent to them from one of their "friends":

our library is the american answer to the european central square; le centre ville--la piazza: a place deliberatly designed with community in mind, where people spend evenings and weekends and gather regardless of age or income. it unites members of our shared community. it's a place where pedestrians rule. modern urban planning has decentralised our american cities, forcing us inward. turning walks into drives, we shuttle to and from. libraries privde a needed break.a library is a remarkable place; untouched by commerce and available to anyone, it is democracy in action. take advantage. preserve it. it is one of the last free and open environments left, and it brings us together on a level playing field.i love my library.

Wow. What insight, and totally spontaneous! Who knew that MySpace could not only be a gathering place, but a place for free speech and opinion. You can't get much more democratic than that....except in a library!

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