Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cerritos, California

What a thrill to visit the "experience library" in Cerritos, California! I was there this past week with my "homies" in Western Council (State Librarians from states west of the Mississippi). Director Waynn Pearson and staff gave us a grand tour of the beautiful library from the titanium-clad exterior to the million dollar aquarium! There is much to learn from that library, although I don't know if it could be duplicated elsewhere with success - it seemed a good fit in California. The building was wonderful and the service provided by the staff was impressive!

The highlight of the trip was spending the evening with a couple of interesting fellows named Ray and Ray Bradbury and Disney legend, Marty Sklar. Waynn had arranged a dinner at the library and an informal chat with these two legends. Both gentlemen told fascinating stories and entertained us for several hours.

A unique library and a memorable evening - what an experience!

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