Friday, July 21, 2006

Some quotes I like...

"Patience is vastly overrated. Librarians love to process stuff to death, and are often all too willing to spend way too much expensive staff time deliberating very tiny matters in lieu of getting to "go." "(Karen Schneider)

"(One of the )Basic Tech Competencies (is the) ability to embrace change: Our patron populations are rapidly changing as are the technologies for serving them. We need to be able to look at how we are serving our patrons and to change our strategies if what we are doing is not working (or is not the best we could be doing). Change should be looked upon as an exciting thing — as a positive thing. We should fear not providing the best services to our patrons much more than we should fear change". (Meredith Farkas)

"We have this absolutely unique moment in time…to transform the way the world perceives us, to build on the things that we do so well and set the stage for the next century of library service to the communities we serve". (Leslie Burger)

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Cindi Hickey said...

Here's a quote that hit me between the eyes:

"We are accusomed to finding information, and now we are training the information to find us. This is literacy, folks."

David Warlkick, the Landmark Project, during his presentation, Flat Classrooms or Flat World, Flat Web, Flat Schools, AASL President's Program, ALA Annual Conference 2006 (Quoted in Coglines)

Cindi Hickey