Monday, July 17, 2006

Old rules and new rules

An article in the 7.24.06 Fortune magazine by Betsy Morris describes how the rules for business have changed in the last five years. She contrasts the "old rules", as set by GE magnate Jack Welch with the new realities of today, and there are some startling similarities to the Library 2.0 philosophy! For example, the author says the old rule was that "the big dogs own the street", and the new rule is that "agile is best.." This is also the new rule for libraries. Even the smallest library today can have a branch via a website; can publish (via blogs and wikis) and can market (via a website or even!). Also, I think that connections to statewide library information databases (via the State Library) and a statewide library catalog, the playing field has leveled and small libraries, if they are agile, can give their customers access to services far beyond their local economic resources.
Another old rule, says Morris, is that "shareholders rule" and the new rule is "the customer is king". This is the heart of the Library 2.0 philosophy.
And according to Morris, the last old rule, "admire my might"is replaced by the new rule, "admire my soul". Well, in libraries we can easily follow the new rule, as we've always
had as much (or more!) soul as might!
Interesting stuff.

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