Thursday, August 11, 2005

Meeting the Divine Levine

Ok, I know I'm too old to be a groupie, but if I could, I would be a Jenny Levine groupie ! Not only is she smart and articulate, but she has the most awesome ethic of customer service! I attended her presentation at the NEKLS Technology Day earler this week, and I found out all over again why I think she is the best: statements like "open the library through a blog" and "bring the library directly to the customer" resonate with me. And she is just as true blue in person as she is through!

I hope the excitement and enthusiasm of Jenny's presentation will encourage all of us to try new forms of communication. After all, connecting people with the library is what we are all about!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Christie! Just found your blog via The Shifted Librarian. Very cool. Are you promoting "knitting as community" at all the libraries you visit? :)